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Paw Patrol Kids Collection at 1stkidswholesale

Paw Patrol Kids Collection at 1stkidswholesale

The PAW PATROL squad is a well-known character brand that all children love.

Let us show you a modest sample of our Paw Patrol clothes and accessories. 

Girls Paw Patrol Dress-

Give your little princess this cute dress and make her look sweet stylish Paw Patrol fan. This pink colour dress with a print of paw patrol with cotton fabric is the best and tip-top collection for your 1-3 years old kid at an affordable price. 

Paw Patrol Pyjamas-

This paw patrol wear with awesome colour combination in white top sleeve and light pink pyjamas are so charming in looks and comfortable while wearing. The top has a print on the front featuring three puppies and the waist part is made of the elasticated bottom which makes your children feel easy while playing and sleeping as well. 

Skye Paw Patrol Deluxe Trolley-

Buy Skye Paw Patrol deluxe trolley online at the best and affordable price in 1stkidswholesale. We have everything on our online store to keep your little one happy with our wide range of collections. This specific product with a handle on the top to make carrying easy and is connected with the bag’s wheel for dragging around. 

Boys Paw Patrol Umbrella-

This paw patrol themed umbrella is made of the finest quality of material i.e. is polyester, specially designed for the rainy season. The product has a print of paw patrol all over the umbrella and is styled in the dome to make it look cooler and fashionable.

Metal Water Canteen with LID-

An aluminum bottle with the theme of paw patrol in blue colour is perfect for kids to carry to their school. The product is made of the finest quality and is also best for gifts to your loved ones. 

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