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Peter Rabbit Kids Character Pyjamas,Umbrella,Backpacks, Boots, School Bag & Accessories - 1stKids Wholesale

Peter Rabbit Kids Character Pyjamas,Umbrella,Backpacks, Boots, School Bag & Accessories - 1stKids Wholesale

Beatrix Potter introduced Peter Rabbit to the world for the first time in her novel The Tale of Peter Rabbit, published in 1902. In Potter's novels, the rabbits are humanoid and wear human clothing, such as Peter's blue blazer with brass buttons and shoes. Mrs. Josephine Rabbit, Peter Rabbit's widowed mother, and his three sisters, Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail, dwell in a rabbit hole complete with a human kitchen, human furnishings, and a store where Josephine sells various items. Cousin Benjamin Bunny, uncle Stringy Hare, and Benjamin's father, Mr. Bouncer Bunny, are among Peter's relatives.

Now you remembered the rabbit in the Blue Jacket with Brass Buttons, his cousin Benjamin, and their buddy Lily Bobtail going into Mr. McGregor's garden to eat his freshly picked vegetables? Join him and his gang on this adventurous journey.

At our online wholesale store we are pleased to provide the finest Peter Bunny Pyjamas, Trolly Bag, Umbrella, Lunch Bag, Backpacks, Boots, School Bag & Accessories for your young rabbit who enjoys exploring, learning, and hunting. We've just released a new line of official Peter Rabbit accessories. Our Peter Rabbit merchandise collection line for adventurous (and probably a little mischievous) boys and girls has more treasures than Mr. McGregor's garden.

Peter Rabbit Boys Pyjama Set PL0005

Adventure is beckoning! When you’re young bunny wears this cute Peter Rabbit sleepsuit to bed, they may hop into dreamland and enjoy the amazing world of Peter Rabbit and companions. Peter is seen with his pals Benjamin Bunny and Lily Bobtail on this blue and white pyjama set, with the words 'Best friends' inscribed below in a bright colourful way. All little fans of the Peter Rabbit TV show will have the sweetest dreams!

Peter Rabbit mini roxy_ WLPETER00142

The call of adventure is calling! When your little bunny wears this adorable fully Licensed Royal Blue Peter Rabbit printed bag, they'll be able to jump into dreamland and enjoy with Peter Rabbit and his friends. To keep everything safe and secure, zip fastening main compartment and also a small outer pocket. The picture of Peter Rabbit swinging in the woodlands, will make your young adventure loving bunny ready for his next mission. 

Lily Bobtail Arundal bumper 4X9 444321_ WLGOI18288

While on your adventure you need strong feet like Lily and Peter. Enjoy your adventure run by wearing these comfortable toddler canvas shoes in beautiful blue and pink. Face photo of Lily Bobtail in the front and 3D fluffy ears with glitter Velcro fasteners. Its lightweight in construction but the rubberized soles give a firm grip. Explore life’s little adventures with these beautiful Lily Bobtail Arundal bumper. 

Peter Rabbit Copahue Wellie Boots QA4105

Allow these Peter Rabbit wellies to transport your tiny adventure enthusiast Into The Unknown! These charming winter Peter Rabbit Copahue Wellie Boots feature Lily Bobtail, Benjamin and Peter Rabbit on a shimmering backdrop, making wet days an adventure. For a wet day in the woods, these wellington boots are ideal! 

Peter Rabbit Lily Bobtail Girls Rain 3D Ears Umbrella PL647

In this charming Lily Bobtail umbrella, your young bunny can splash in muddy puddles exactly like Lily! The beautiful Lily Bobtail faced umbrella with 3D ears will keep them dry in April rains.  Fans of the cheeky bunny will like this beautiful coloured umbrella. 

Allow your children to enter Mr. McGregor's adventure garden and delve into the fresh veggies with our Peter Rabbit clothing and accessories collection.


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